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My name is  Aaron Tadian, A fashion enthusiast and expert who is into transforming the menswear industry for the better


We travel to you, on your time,
so you get what you want when you want it.

Custom styles for every occasion including
casual, business, and formal wear.

Supplying all your needs including sweaters, vests,
coats, shoes, and everything in between.

Fill your closet with bespoke clothes you love,
don't shop or settle for what's in the stores.


1. Initial Call

Allow me to understand your needs, challenges and desires better. Then we set a time to meet.

2. Fabric, Style, Measure

This is an in-person consultation at your home or office where we create a unique custom wardrobe for your day-to-day needs.

3. Delivery

Finally, we fit your new clothing for any final adjustments and save your patterns to make future orders seamless.

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Aaron Tadian of Luxe Styling Is Transforming Menswear. Luxe Styling is on a mission to help men get the personal touch and transform their wardrobes with everything they need for their everyday needs. The best way to successfully revamp your style is to overhaul your wardrobe. Dressing better improves your appearance and self-confidence, giving you a fresh and young look.

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Press news


Aaron Tadian, CEO of Luxe Styling, is transforming the world of menswear one dapper suit at a time. Luxe Styling is a boutique clothing store that provides made-to-measure services from rare and exceptional Italian fabrics for suiting, shirting, and accessories. Luxe Styling offers a range of items from wedding suits to casual wear for men who know how to dress with class and style.

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Press News


Aaron Tadian, CEO of Luxe Styling, Donates 25,000 to Save a Children Foundation to help them continue their fantastic work in helping kids worldwide. This is the first step in the company’s mission to support vulnerable and less fortunate kids, as they will be giving a percentage of their profits to charity every year (For every suit sold, Luxe Styling will donate a percentage of the total to different charities around the world).

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